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Bilder, die ohne Konzept im Arbeitsprozess entstehen
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Carolin Pruit, eine ehemalige Kuratorin aus der Londoner Lisson Galery

über die Bauchbilder:



After early experiments with various techniques, including wood cut, watercolour, oil on canvas and an education in print making at the Museo del Grabado in Marbella, Peter now produces partly abstract, partly figurative canvases that combine a variety of media. 

The informal surfaces of Peter’s most recent paintings are covered with thick layers of pigment, sand, earth and other materials that challenge the eye and provide these works with plasticity and an object like character. The artist’s pictorial language has developed over the years into a series of reoccurring elements such as his characteristic houses, which are often only recognisable as minimal scratches in the thick layers of paint. A large sun fills the upper half of the composition, while a vertical line that could be read as a river, runs from top to bottom across the canvas. Unlike the traditional spatial construction of landscapes in which the canvas functions as a window onto the world and where the depth of the arrangement includes a foreground and a receding horizon, Peter’s compositions focus on flatness and verticality, taking into account the formal and critical pictorial innovations of the 1950s and 60s.

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